Tuukka Toivonen, PhD (Oxon.) – Selected keynotes and presentations

Toivonen, T. (2019, June). What future for collaborative workspaces? Tech, creativity and community. To be presented at “Building the Ultimate Creative Workspace? Tech, Community, Creativity” (London Tech Week Open Seminar), RISE London.

Toivonen, T. (2019, May). Why your community isn’t that creative (yet):  Five habits for boosting innovation. Keynote presentation.Presented at “Innovatours: London (International Innovation Conference)”, The Trampery, London.

Toivonen, T. (2019, May). Catalysing knowledge-creation through new innovation spaces. Keynote lecture. Presented at “Entrepreneurial ecosystems in the UK and Japan” (Two-Day Workshop for Academics and Policy-Makers), Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow.

Toivonen, T., & Takala, V. (2019, January). Steering the direction of innovation at the team level:  How did ‘Solution 100’ transform the paths of technologists, academics and public sector professionals? Keynote lecture. Presented at “Sparking social innovation through crowdsourcing and prizes: Does Finland lead the way?” (Workshop for Policy-Makers), UCL Institute for Innovation & Public Purpose and Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Science, UCL, London.

Toivonen, T., & Takala, V. (2018, June). The entrepreneurial (welfare) state? Tackling social problems through challenge prizes. Presented at the Entrepreneurship as Social Change (Academic Workshop), Aalto University, Helsinki. 

Toivonen, T. (2018, June). Drawing governance lessons from global social entrepreneurship: The case of the Plastic Bank. Presented at “Innovating Global Public Policy (Academic Colloquium)”, Global Governance Institute, UCL, London.

Toivonen, T. (2018, February). Introduction to the work of Dr Kaituu Funaki on Gross National Generosity. Presented at the Gross National Generosity (An Invitation-Only Seminar), Commonwealth Secretariat’s Gender Section, London.

Tuukka Toivonen. (2017, March). Coworking spaces: A connective infrastructure for very long lives?Presented at the Hubs and the Future of Coworking (original NetCreate impact workshop), Impact Hub Islington, London.

Tuukka Toivonen, & Onya Idoko. (2017, March). Networked Creativity: An organisational inquiry into creative interactions among entrepreneurs at London-based coworking spaces. Presented at the ESCAPES: The Entrepreneurial Spaces and Collectives Research Group Bi-Annual Meeting, Green Templeton College, University of Oxford.

Tuukka Toivonen. (2017, January). Sustainable Global Prosperity & Business Models. Presented at the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity/Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development Research Seminar, Middlesex University, London.

Tuukka Toivonen, & Onya Idoko. (2016, December). Collaborative spaces & creativity: An object-centric approach to tracing Ideas & interactions through the hubscape. Presented at the Research Group for Collaborative Spaces (RGCS) Annual Conference, Paris.