Alongside (and beyond) delivering formal lectures and modules on entrepreneurship and innovation at UCL, I regularly contribute to diverse innovative projects that cut across institutional settings and topic areas. Typically, these seek to “change the way we relate to X” or “transform the way in which we carry out X”. Sometimes these initiatives related directly to a dissertation or thesis project; other times they are spearheaded by entrepreneurs, freelancers or groups.

Currently, I am deeply involved in observing and co-shaping the way in which coworking spaces are re-inventing the way that creative interactions occur between individuals from different backgrounds, against a wider context where work itself is being remade and restructured. Since mid-2016, this involvement has been catalysed through our ESRC Transformative Research Project on “Networked Creativity” (read more here) – now morphing into a more permanent NetCreate Lab – and the next step is to publish extensively on our findings in top organisation science journals while co-developing a novel research agenda around mindfulness, creativity and purpose in knowledge-intensive settings.

With students, collaborators and partners, I am also co-envisioning how digital marketplaces could be used to teach sustainable behaviours to children (e.g. via toy-sharing), how “offline spaces”  might enrich the thinking of tomorrow’s intensely connected generations, and how apps that simultaneously offer a consumer-friendly service and catalyse citizen action can help turn the tide on issues such as urban air pollution.

In addition, I am growing interested in alternative digital currencies that create a robust link between financial (representational) value and environmental and/or social value, and look forward to contributing to related future projects from a multi-level social innovation perspective.

Please call, email or visit me anytime if you’d like to start a discussion on a promising transformative innovation you are currently working on – or that you have only just started thinking about.