As a Senior Lecturer in Social & Economic Innovation at the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity, teaching across a number of graduate-level modules on innovation and entrepreneurship constitutes one of my key roles. My aim is to deliver classes that celebrate the enormous creative potential of innovation while inspiring students to think very critically – and indeed expansively – about the goals (and biases) of innovative activity.

In the academic year 2017/2018, I am set to lead on the core MSc in Global Prosperity modules set out below. I will also supervise a number of MSc and PhD dissertations, and I hope to co-teach shorter professional development courses while occasionally contributing to innovation-focused teaching beyond the Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP) within the Bartlett, UCL, other colleges University of London and various other educational institutions.

*Please bear in mind we are normally able to accommodate students & citizens who wish to audit our classes (if interested, please drop an email to our administrator at the email address listed here). We strongly encourage entrepreneurial non-IGP UCL students to enroll in our modules as they offer perspectives, frameworks and sets of knowledge that are likely to complement their own compulsory modules.

Pathways to Prosperity I: Global Legacies (on the past & present of unsustainable economic cultures). Course code at UCL: BENVGGP1 – TERM 1

Global Prosperity & Transformative Entrepreneurship (on how entrepreneurs can innovate in ways that advance economic practices and cultures that are more sustainable, inclusive and fair – this course features an excellent group of entrepreneur guest lecturers). Course code at UCL: BENVGGP6  – TERM 1

Collective Problem-Solving for Global Prosperity (on how innovation leaders and managers can harness the creative power of groups and crowds in the service of transformative tasks as well as visions). Course code at UCL: BENVGGP4 – TERM 2

*Slightly longer course descriptions are available here and actual course outlines may be shared upon request.