I envision and co-produce transformative innovations with diverse teams of scholars, entrepreneurs, students, experts and citizens from around the world.

Transformative innovations are urgently needed to steer communities, societies, cultures and the world towards dramatically higher levels of sustainability, inclusivity and equality. A core question to ask is: How can we move beyond producing technological and/or cultural novelty for novelty’s (or profit’s or technology’s or elites’) sake to innovations that drive genuine progress in the 21st century?

There is no doubt that innovative activity is always anchored in one or more systems of valuation. Those pursuing transformative innovations in areas such as energy, (sustainable) production and consumption, education or employment openly diverge with established market-based valuation practices and articulate the alternative types of value they seek to create. They utilise markets – or even build new ones – where this serves their ultimate ends.

As a Senior Lecturer in Social & Economic Innovation at the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity, I am called to fulfill many conventional scholarly duties, from teaching and research/publishing to admissions and other types of administrative work. However, my ultimate goal is not simply to produce arcane papers that only a handful of fellow scholars read (in journals that are often locked behind paywalls that exclude the general public) or to build a standard academic career for career-building’s sake. Instead, my aim is to carry out research, envision new scenarios, supervise action-oriented graduate students, and collaborate with entrepreneurs as well as various large organisations to advance innovative knowledge and solutions with transformative potential. I feel there is a tremendous need at present for thinkers who are able to co-produce innovations through bringing together multi-disciplinary knowledge, talented people and resources in the context of transformative values and aspirations.

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