Teaching Innovation & Entrepreneurship at UCL

As a Senior Lecturer in Social & Economic Innovation at the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity, teaching across a number of graduate-level modules on innovation and entrepreneurship constitutes one of my key roles. My aim is to deliver classes that

Co-producing Transformative Social Innovations

Alongside (and beyond) delivering formal lectures and modules on entrepreneurship and innovation at UCL, I regularly contribute to diverse innovative projects that cut across institutional settings and topic areas. Typically, these seek to “change the way we relate to X”

Researching Collective Creativity in New Contexts

To develop my long-term research agenda on collective creativity in new organisational contexts, I am currently acting as the principal investigator of an ESRC Transformative Grant Project called Networked Creativity (please see the outline below for more detail). This endeavour

The most innovative ideas are not 'out there' in the [network] environment of the group. Instead of waiting to be found, they must be generated...by fostering a productive friction."

-David Stark

To change [the social world]...means to democratize the market economy by innovating in the arrangements that define it, rather than merely to regulate it in its present form."

-Roberto Mangabeira Unger

Featured posts

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