Co-Producing Transformative Innovations

I envision and co-produce transformative innovations with diverse teams of scholars, entrepreneurs, students, experts and citizens from around the world. Transformative innovations are urgently needed to steer communities, societies, cultures and the world towards dramatically higher levels of sustainability, inclusivity

Delivering the MSc in Global Prosperity at UCL

I am the director of the MSc in Global Prosperity & Senior Lecturer in Social & Economic Innovation at the UCL the Institute for Global Prosperity.

Researching Entrepreneurs & Networked Creativity

I am the principal investigator of an ESRC Transformative Grant Project that explores how creative interactions shape the business models of emerging entrepreneurs.

The most innovative ideas are not 'out there' in the [network] environment of the group. Instead of waiting to be found, they must be fostering a productive friction."

-David Stark

To change [the social world]...means to democratize the market economy by innovating in the arrangements that define it, rather than merely to regulate it in its present form."

-Roberto Mangabeira Unger

Featured posts

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